Application Outline

Period August 17.2022(Wed) to August 26.2022(Fri)
  • Ishikawa Ongakudo
  • Ishikawa Prefecture Youth Center
Number of Students
  • 55 violin students
  • 9 cello students
  • 18 piano students
  • Violin
    Koichiro Harada (Music Director,Toho Gakuen College Music Department)
    Kyoko Takezawa(Toho Gakuen College Music Department)
    Regis Pasquier (Ecole Normale de Musique de Paris)
    Chio-Lian Lin(The Julliard School)
    Lucie Robert(Manhattan School of Music)
    Michiko Kamiya (Toho Gakuen College Music Department)
  • Cello
    Hakuro Mori (Toho Gakuen College Music Department)
  • Piano
    Piotr Paleczny ( The Frederick Chopin Academy of Music)
    Bruno Rigutto (Conservatoire de Paris)
    Nobuhito Nakai(Toho Gakuen College Music Department)
    Ichiro Nodaira (Tokyo College of Music)
  • JPY 145,000 (tax incl.)
Applicant Qualifications
  • There are no restrictions on nationality or age.(Applicants under the age of 13 must be accompanied by parent or guardian.)
Application Procedure ・All applicants are required to submit an audition recording only the attached or uploaded Data file (MP3 or ACC file) sent by email or CD (Disc will not be returned).
・Write your instrument, your name and name of the piece in its original language on the email or the disc case.
・The sound data (MP3 or ACC file) or the disc and completed application form should be sent to the IMA Tokyo Office.
・Strings:Submit one recently recorded piece.   (approx. 10 min.)
・Piano:Submit two recently recorded pieces. It should   include two different styles. (e.g.,Classic and Romantic, Classic and Baroque, Romantic and Modern, etc.)

You can download the application form below.

Application Form [PDF] pdf
Application Form [WORD]
Selection of Students
  • Recording Audition
Application Deadline
  • May 18, 2022(wed)
Notification of Selected students
  • June 2022 Results will be sent through e-mail or post.
Other Information
  • Each student will have 5 lessons (50 minutes per lesson).
  • Students may prepare up to 3 pieces for the master classes.
  • The students cannot select their faculty.
  • All lessons are open to public.
  • As a general rule, there should be an accompanist for string lessons.
  • Interpreters are available for students.
  • Accommodation: Further details will be informed after the selection.
  • The organizers may ask the students to change lesson pieces.
  • Concerts are planned during the Academy, with students and guest players.
  • Please be sure to read and agree to the following precautions before applying.

    ● We will make every effort to ensure that the lesson rooms and venue are well ventilated and disinfected on a regular basis. However, we also ask that you take basic infection control measures yourself, such as wearing a mask at all times, avoiding close-contact settings, and not talking loudly.
    ● We ask for your cooperation in taking your temperature daily, in addition to regular hand washing and disinfection.
    ● If you are not feeling well (fever, cough, fatigue etc.), please refrain from participating in lessons.
    ● The number of lesson participants will be limited to prevent infection.
    Individuals who fall under any of the following categories will not be allowed to participate, even if directly before a lesson:
    (1) Those with a fever of 37.5℃ or higher
    (2) Those showing symptoms of possible infection
    (3) Those who have been in close contact with a person who has tested positive
    (4) Those who have visited a country or region where the government has imposed immigration restrictions or requires a period of observation after entry, or have been in close contact with a person residing there
    Depending on the coronavirus infection situation, participants may be required to present a negative PCR test or certificate of vaccination.
    Please bear in mind that class content and scheduling may be subject to change or cancellation due to coronavirus infections or other factors. Any changes will be announced in tandem with the notification of application results.
Contact Information
  • Please direct all inquiries and applications to:

    IMA(Ishikawa Music Academy)Tokyo Office
    2-20-16 Nishi-Azabu, Minato-ku, Tokyo 106-0031 JAPAN
    International:Tel +81-3-5467-0081 Fax +81-3-5468-0066